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Somewhere in the Northern Atlantic a group of islands exist, known collectively as Atlantis. On one of them, the northen island of Borealia, a beautiful country with the name Cylene is located on the northwestern peninsula. Cylene is a confederal diarchy, which covers three autonomous states housing three ethnical groups speaking five different languages.

This project aims to describe as much as Cylenian culture and faith, known as Cylenism, as possible. The Cylenian Faith wiki project is lead by Faylin.

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The Scrolls, found in the towers of Asim, describe the Cylenian mythology and are the base of the Cylenian faith.


Creation tells the story of the creation and design of the universe. These five scrolls describe the physics of the universe and give an extensive view on magical phenomena and species.


The scrolls of Elves tell about the power of the phenomena of nature and describe the first war between species, an indirect cause to the birth of the Moon.


Prophets tells the story about the reunification of the two separated worlds of magic and non-magic and the leap of faith that was made in the non-magic world.

Creatures and phenomena

Apart from humans the Cylenian mythology describe a lot of other creatures and phenomena.

Phenomena: Igeth · Ileth · Cyll
Creatures: Nymph · Faerie (Pure-breed) · Human · Elf (Half-breed)) · Dragon
Nymphs: Dawn · Maró · Senith · Amyleigh · Lilith · Emma · Caro · Seth · Elsa
Other creatures: Auristan · Celestine · Erin · Hailey · Kathor · Mycea · Thonan · Tore
Locations: Ceylynn · Asim · Lotha
Scrolls: Creation · Elves · Prophets